In the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, we offer comprehensive home and business protection services. From basic residential security to advanced custom commercial systems, we specialize in tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. Our services cover a wide range of systems, including fire systems, home theater installations, and data and networking. Rest assured that we have the expertise to provide the perfect system for you.

Residential Security

Security systems encompass a range of essential components designed to protect your property. These systems incorporate various elements such as doors contacts, motion sensors, smoke detectors, cameras, and more. Door contacts protect the perimeter of your home, and can alert you with a chime every time a door is opened. Motion sensors detect movement within designated areas and trigger alarms or alerts to notify potential threats. Smoke detectors are vital in detecting the presence of smoke or fire, promptly alerting occupants and authorities to ensure a swift response. Security cameras play a crucial role in surveillance, capturing and recording footage to monitor activities and deter potential intruders. These integrated security systems work in harmony, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind by preventing unauthorized access, detecting suspicious activities, and alerting individuals to potential dangers, ultimately ensuring the safety and security of the premises and its occupants.

Commercial Security

Commercial security systems utilize the same components as residential, with the option of adding access control. Access control systems provide a comprehensive solution to regulate entry to specific areas by requiring authorized individuals to present a card or access code to unlock doors. These systems offer granular control over access permissions, allowing administrators to specify the days and times when certain users can enter designated areas. Every access event is meticulously recorded with timestamps, enabling easy tracking of user activities. Moreover, access control systems can be utilized for employee time management, facilitating clocking in and out processes. These systems are managed through a local PC but also offer the convenience of remote access via mobile devices, enabling administrators to effortlessly manage user codes and unlock doors from anywhere. The integration of security, cameras, and access control systems ensures a robust and comprehensive approach to protecting premises and maintaining secure access.


We utilize Alarm Central, LLC, a top-rated monitoring station based in Kansas City, for our monitoring services. Alarm Central is known for its excellent services and commitment to staying updated with the latest security technologies. They are affiliated with prominent associations like the Central Station Alarm Association, National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, and The Kansas City Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. We offer cellular units as a backup or primary communication solution, allowing for home automation. The purchase of a cellular communication unit is necessary, with an additional monthly charge. For more information, visit or contact us. Switch your security system monitoring to Eagle One Security and receive one month free. You can also earn an additional month free by referring a friend to our monitoring service.

Home & Business Automation

As an authorized dealer, we specialize in delivering exceptional custom smart home and business solutions. is a trusted platform renowned for its reliability and commercial-grade equipment, ensuring minimal failure rates and post-sale issues. Our smart home integrations seamlessly connect with your home’s security, granting you convenient control over lights, locks, thermostats, and cameras through a single, intelligent platform. Stay connected and in command by remotely arming, disarming, and receiving notifications from anywhere. With visual verification, effortless energy management, and enhanced access control, you can manage your home with ease using our user-friendly mobile app. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with PowerShades as an authorized dealer. This exciting collaboration allows us to expand our range of home and business automation services by offering PowerShades products.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Testing

Commercial fire alarm systems play a critical role in safeguarding businesses, employees, and assets from the dangers of fire. These advanced systems are specifically designed to detect and respond to potential fire hazards in commercial environments. Equipped with sophisticated sensors and detectors, commercial fire alarm systems can swiftly identify signs of smoke, heat, or flames, activating alarms and alerting building occupants and emergency services. By providing early detection and prompt notification, these systems aid in the safe evacuation of occupants and enable faster response times for firefighting efforts. Installing a reliable commercial fire alarm system is an essential investment in protecting the continuity of operations, reducing property damage, and prioritizing the safety of everyone within the premises.We also offer annual fire safety inspections as required by most municipalities.

Network Infrastructure

Our comprehensive service offering is the core reason why an increasing number of builders, both in the commercial and residential sectors, choose us as their trusted partner. As a “one-stop shop,” we set ourselves apart by taking over the entire low voltage scope of work. By designing and installing a robust network infrastructure that integrates all systems seamlessly, we ensure smooth operation and facilitate remote management, maintenance, and updates. With our end-to-end approach, builders and project managers can offload the coordination burden of different specialists for networking, security, and theater systems. We handle it all in-house, leveraging our years of experience in designing burglar, fire, and camera systems. Our holistic approach eliminates the risks and weaknesses associated with separate network installations, avoiding potential cascading issues and minimizing the need for external involvement in case of problems. Our self-built and maintained networks serve as the backbone of the low voltage ecosystem, controlling and optimizing the entire range of security and other systems within the building or home.

Home Theatre

A home theater system brings the cinematic experience right to your living room. With high-definition visuals, immersive surround sound, and comfortable seating, it elevates your entertainment to a whole new level. Whether you’re watching movies, sports, or gaming, a well-designed home theater system enhances the audio-visual experience, creating a captivating and immersive environment. From large projection screens to top-quality speakers and audio equipment, every element is carefully calibrated to deliver stunning picture quality and theater-like sound. Transform your space into a private cinema where you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows with exceptional clarity and realism.

Home Audio

Home audio systems bring the joy of music and immersive sound into the comfort of your home. With a well-designed setup, you can enjoy high-quality audio in any room or throughout your entire house. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply relaxing alone, a home audio system allows you to create the perfect ambiance with your favorite tunes. From wireless speakers and multi-room audio solutions to integrated soundbars and amplifiers, there are various options to suit your preferences and space. With easy control and connectivity, you can effortlessly stream music from your favorite devices or access online music services. Enhance your listening experience and fill your home with rich, crystal-clear sound that elevates every moment.